Formulation Chemistry

Polymer Formulation Chemistry

Our formulation chemistry services are delivered to a wide array of consumer and industrial products companies across the globe. We take the time to listen to you and understand our customer's overall end product objectives in terms of performance, price and function and then put in the effort required to design the highest performing and competitively positioned products possible. In doing this we take into consideration everything from a materials strength, toughness, permeability, flexibility, gloss, color, texture, odor, and other competitive performance traits. In addition, we contribute to a greener world by reformulating traditional products with our eco-friendly technologies which will allow your marketing team to expand into areas where environmental stewardship is important. The National Polymer formulation chemistry services are conducted by highly experienced polymer chemists, headed up by a team with MS and PhD level credentials.  Their daily focus is to help businesses and entrepreneurs create new products and redefine/innovate their existing ones.

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To ensure a smooth transition from a working prototype to on the shelf product, National Polymer maintains a wide array of scale-up equipment required to move new technologies from the lab to the plant. In most cases, we are fully capable of taking your product to full production within our facility, and in the event that we cannot meet required volume demands, we maintain relationships with a variety of service providers. Because we are an independent contract laboratory, our clients always receive a unique, customized formulation with the option of selling it under private label, protecting it with an exclusivity agreement, or owning the IP outright. 

We have experience with polymer formulation chemistry within a variety of products including:

National Polymer welcomes the opportunity to talk with you about your formulation chemistry needs. Please reach out to speak with a chemistry expert at (800) 679-0477 or use the contact form at the right to connect with an expert for a free, no obligation consultation! 

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Formulation Chemistry

Formulation Chemistry is related to chemical synthesis, however unlike synthesis, covalent bonds are not formed; but hydrogen bonding, polar interactions, and Van der Waal forces do form and play a significant role. The act of creating a formulation involves mixing and blending of critical substances in carefully measured quantities to achieve the required properties. This process is known as compounding. In the field of Polymer Chemistry; paints, coatings, adhesives, sealants, inks, and masterbatches are all compounded materials designed thru the process of Formulation Chemistry.

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