Hydrophobic Coatings

At National Polymer, our Hydrophobic Coatings are specifically engineered to meet our client’s requirements.

Our platform includes a wide array of coatings such as Superhydrophobic, Ultra-hydrophobic, and Lithophobic Coatings, and we use nanotechnology in the design of many of these systems. Hard phobic coatings are produced with ceramic materials such as nanoaluminum and other hard oxides, silsesquioxanes, and silanes. These are referred to as Nanotechnology Coatings and Ceramic Coatings.

Our engineered coatings technology platform has produced a wide variety of coatings with unique properties, which are used in applications ranging from protecting of automotive surfaces to mitigating ice buildup on power lines. We’ve also designed coatings that prevent fog buildup on lenses to coatings that mitigate fingerprints smudges from interfering with data on credit cards. When performance matters, we deliver!

We design and manufacture Hydrophobic and related coatings that cure through a variety of methods including:

  • thermal
  • light
  • oxygen
  • chemical

We build our coatings using silicone and fluoropolymer based technologies and others including high performance systems such as silazanes and ceramers.

If the performance of commercially available coatings does not prove successful, look to us for an engineered coating solution. We help our customers improve their competitive edge by creating custom formulations that out-perform commercial products at competitive costs.

Contact us today at 800-679-0477 for a no-cost complimentary consultation about your hydrophobic coating needs.

Hydrophobic coatings cause water to bead up on painted surface

Hydrophobic Coatings

A Hydrophobic Coating is a coating that repels water. It is coating that is engineered to have a high surface energy that causes water to bead up on it. Superhydrophobic Coatings are extreme forms of Hydrophobic Coatings in which water droplets bead up to form spheres with contact angles greater than 150°.  These coatings achieve this property through a combination of the right chemistry, coupled with a properly designed nano-engineered surface.

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