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The team at National Polymer are experts in specialty polymers, polymer coatings, polymer adhesives, polymer deformulation/reformulation, polymer synthesis, and more!



National Polymer is a leader in the development, processing, and manufacturing of polymeric materials, employing innovative technologies made possible by our highly experienced chemists, engineers, and scientists.



At National Polymer, we create custom polymers for situations where nothing exists to do the job required. We don’t stock any inventory, and sell nothing off the shelf. As experts in specialty polymers, coatings, adhesives and more, we engineer custom polymers to your exacting specifications. Our team of experts is well versed in formulation chemistry, custom polymer synthesis, coating technologies and more!

Once we have created your desired polymer, we work with you to scale up protypes to full production via batch optimization. We can also assist with fully quality controlled batch production and manufacturing including robust roll-to-roll coating offerings. Call National Polymer today at (800) 679-0477 for a no cost, no obligation consultation to find out how we can help you with your next custom polymer project.

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Bring your ideas to National Polymer and we will combine them with key principles of polymer science, engineering, and production to help turn them into reality. Our focus is getting your product to market.

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Once your concept goals are established, our team of experts in specialty polymers will hone them into novel polymer formulations and product prototypes, test them for functionality, and deliver a working sample to your team for review, testing and approval.
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National Polymer understands the critical manufacturing techniques and equipment needed to efficiently and effectively accomplish transitioning from prototype to full scale production and help to ensure your long- term success.

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By combining extensive chemical knowledge, manufacturing expertise, and quality systems, along with novel polymer formulations and unique process parameters, we will deliver the best performing products based on your exacting specifications.

National Polymer: Experts in Specialty Polymers

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National Polymer Markets


In the field of Architectural Products, we have developed floor coatings, roof coatings, specialty adhesives for building wraps, countertop coatings, coatings for glass protection, grout sealers, specialty paints, and many more!


In the field of Automotive Products, we develop clearcoats, chip repair fillers, stone guard products, sound insulation foam, headlamp protective coatings, graphic films, waxes and finishes, and many more!



In the field of Aerospace materials, we have contributed to the development of specialized products including electrically conductive paint, specialty laminates and prepreg components, waxes and finishes, and more.



In the Electronics field, our formulation strategies can be utilized to design customized systems that are thermally and electrically conductive, able to dissipate static charge, thermally or electrically insulative, and much more!



In the field of Medical Products, our team of experts in specialty polymers has developed cyanoacrylate adhesives, colostomy adhesives, sterilization resistant sealants capable of enduring high temperatures and harsh oxidative conditions, and more!



National Polymer is proud to be an investing partner in the Greater Akron Chamber Polymer Industry Cluster!