Polymer Adhesives

National Polymer designs and develops custom polymer adhesives that meet the exacting requirements of our clients. Our polymer adhesives technology platform has produced unique properties for both industrial and architectural applications, including breathable building wraps, to self-healing pipe wraps, to oxidation /plasma resistant sealants that can withstand extreme oxidation conditions for sterilization of medical device equipment, and much more.

We design and manufacture custom polymer adhesives that cure through a variety of methods including:

  • thermal
  • light
  • moisture
  • oxygen
  • chemical

We build our adhesives using epoxy, acrylic, cyanoacrylate, and silicone based technologies. We also design dual cure systems capable of solving unique application challenges.

If the performance of commercially available polymer adhesives does not meet your expectations, look to us to design and deliver a specialty adhesive that meets your needs. We help our customers improve their competitive edge by creating custom polymer adhesive formulations that out-perform competitive offerings while meeting the budgetary requirements.

To find out more about how National Polymer can help with your custom polymer adhesive needs, call us at (800) 679-0477 and ask to speak with one of our adhesives specialists, or use the nearby contact form to reach out to us. We are more than happy to offer an initial no obligation, no cost consultation to discuss your requirements and goals.

production of mobile phone using polymer adhesives
Application of polymer adhesives

Polymer Adhesives

Polymer Adhesives are bonding substances made from polymers. Other categories of materials that can be used to bond two pieces of material together fall under the categories of ceramics (i.e. cement) or metals (i.e. solders). Polymer Adhesives account for the largest type of adhesives sold. This is due to the wide variety of polymers and specialty adhesive formulations that can be derived from them. Polymer adhesives are further classified as thermoplastic adhesives (i.e. adhesives that can be re-melted or re-worked) and thermoset adhesives (i.e. structural adhesives that form permanent bonds).  

Let's Collaborate!

National Polymer is a recognized leader in the novel polymer research, development, and manufacturing. We welcome the opportunity discuss your projects or challenges via a free initial consultation, to see if we can enhance your current situation or help solve a problem. We look forward to reading from you!