UV Curing Adhesives

UV Curable Adhesives

National Polymer custom designs, develops and products UV curing adhesives  to meet our clients needs and goals. Our UV Curable Adhesive technology platform has created unique B-Stage-able adhesive solutions for industrial and consumable product applications. In additional to adhesives, we have designed a variety of cure on demand coatings for the protection of surfaces in restaurants, hospitals, and hotels. If you carry a credit card made of a precious metal, our coating is probably protecting it from abrasion and environmental attack.

Often we design and manufacture UV curing adhesives and coatings that cure with light via a variety of wavelengths, from visible to UV to EB. We build our UV curable lines using oligomers with polyurethane, polyester, epoxy and silicone backbones. We also design dual cure adhesive systems capable of solving unique application challenges. At National Polymer, we excel at designing versatile specialty adhesives with dual cures.

If your application requires on performance you have not been able to find in off-the-shelf products, look to us to engineer and deliver a specialty UV curing adhesive or coating that delivers what you need. We help our customers improve their competitive edge by creating custom formulations that out-perform competitive offerings while meeting the budgetary requirements of our clients.

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Dentist curing UV specialty adhesive
UV ray index diagram

UV Curable Adhesives

UV Curable Adhesives are adhesives that cure (or crosslink) when exposed to light. They are sometimes known as “cure on demand” adhesives. Other adhesives cure over a period of time via heat (thermal cure), humidity (moisture cure), air (oxygen cured), or chemical reaction (2K or 2-Part systems). One additional category is anaerobic which cure when oxygen is excluded. UV curable adhesives are specialty adhesives that are normally clear and bond only clear substrates. However, they can be specially designed to have a dual cure. This enables them to bond opaque materials where light is not present. 

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