Roll to Roll Coating

National Polymer provides highly efficient scale-up capabilities from product development to commercial scale, including technology development collaboration, fluid and coating engineering for manufacturing, and process design and implementation. In terms of roll to roll coating expertise, our engineers apply deep knowledge and unique analytical capabilities to identify and develop optimal coating solutions to meet your requirements.

Using our team of experts with decades of combined research and development experience, our roll to roll coating services will help you eliminate risk and save time getting your products to market. Many satisfied clients have taken their product idea from concept to experiment to production scale without the risk and investment of adding staff or capital equipment.

In addition, our team of chemical, mechanical and electrical engineers have the know-how when it comes to improvising equipment and processes to enable new and unique techniques to be implemented successfully.

We have expertise across all of the critical technology areas from chemistry to processing. We can also help you determine how your end product will perform on your substrate under a variety of process conditions.

With roll to roll coating and application testing support from National Polymer, you can:

– Take new products from pilot to scale-up to full production more quickly        and cost effectively 

– Improve your productivity and throughput 

– Reduce your operating costs and improve your profitability

– Enhance your product’s quality, reliability and end-use performance 

 Improve customer satisfaction

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