Roll-to-Roll Coating

National Polymer provides highly efficient roll-to-roll coating scale-up capabilities from product development to commercial scale, including:

  • Technology development collaboration
  • Fluid and coating engineering for manufacturing
  • Process design and implementation
  • Evaluation of coating performance on a particular substrate under variety of conditions

Roll-to-roll coating can also be referred to as R2R, roll coating, web coating, substrate coating, continuous coating, film coating and fabric coating.

There are also various methods of employing roll coating applications including:

  • Knife over roll coating
  • Transfer coating
  • Wire rod coating
  • Dip coating
  • Gravure coating
  • Pattern coating

Some of the materials National Polymer can employ in roll coating include:

  • Solvent coating
  • Water-based coating
  • Hot melt coating
  • UV curable coating
  • Solventless coating

Our team of highly experienced chemical, mechanical and electrical engineers apply deep knowledge and unique analytical capabilities to identify and develop optimal roll coating solutions to meet your requirements. In addition, National Polymer can help configure unique techniques and utilization of equipment and processes to produce a result matching your required specifications.

Our roll-to-roll coating services will help you eliminate risk and save time getting your products to market quickly and efficiently. With National Polymer roll coating services, you can take your product idea from concept to experiment to production scale without the need to invest in additional staff or capital equipment.

With R2R coating and application testing support from National Polymer, you can:

  • Take new products from pilot to scale-up to full production more quickly and cost effectively
  • Improve your productivity and throughput
  • Reduce your operating costs and improve your profitability
  • Enhance your product’s quality, reliability, and end-use performance
  • Improve customer satisfaction

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Roll-to-roll coating - National Polymer

Roll-to-Roll Coating

Roll-to-roll coating, also known as R2R, roll coating, and web coating, is a process that prints or coats laminates, onto a flexible rolled material as it is fed continuously from one roller to another. Roll coating has numerous applications in producing electronics, textiles, medical devices, and many more, serving industries such as aerospace, transportation, medicine, construction, semiconductor, automotive, etc.

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