In the field of Aerospace materials, we have contributed to the development of specialized products including electrically conductive paint, specialty laminates and prepreg components, waxes and finishes, and more.

At National Polymer, our technology platforms are based on polymeric systems. Our extensive knowledge of these materials is based on a deep understanding of the structure-property relationships that govern the many classes of polymers we utilize. We apply this knowledge to the design of polymeric systems, including adhesives and coatings. We form polymers using a variety of materials including epoxy, urethane, acrylic, phenolic, silicones, fluorinated systems, ceramers, and high performance thermosets. We deliver them from water-based, solvent-based, and 100% solids systems. We cure them through all means including thermal energy, light energy, moisture catalysis, anaerobic conditions, and the energy of reaction. We formulate these building blocks into a variety of products including adhesives, coatings, sealants, and more. We tailor them to your particular application needs.


Polymers are used extensively in the Aerospace Industry. Weight reduction demands it! Lower weight materials were always sought out for use in the aircraft industry. Initially, wood and fabrics were used. Later, metals such as aluminum and titanium were introduced. With the dawn of the space age, research into polymeric materials began. Polymeric materials are naturally lower in weight than metals, and combining polymeric resins with fabric or fiber created strong structural materials known as Composites. In order to fabricate these composite materials into parts for aerospace applications advanced structural adhesive technologies are used instead of welding and riveting, to build ever stronger and faster jets and rockets.

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