Confidentiality, Non-disclosure, Non-compete

We Value and Protect Your Assets

National Polymer regularly works with clients on products, components, formulations and/or processes that are partially for wholly considered proprietary. Our client projects often involve sensitive information that must kept from public view or knowledge. National Polymer holds this information in the highest regard and with the highest level of confidentiality and secrecy. This sensitive information is only shared internally with those persons that require the knowledge as part of your project scope. If documents, materials, or other proprietary information is provided to National Polymer as part of a project, we will not use or analyze that information or materials for any other purpose than your specific project requirements. With a collective 100+ years on-staff experience in the contract development and manufacturing business, we have full understanding of the importance of treating confidential information with the utmost respect and care.

In order to ensure that you and your organization are protected technically and legally, we commonly maintain the following types of agreements with our existing clients as well as prospective clients:

  • Non-disclosure Agreements
  • Confidentiality Agreements
  • Non-Analysis Agreements
  • Manufacturing Contracts
  • Exclusivity Agreements (with compensation)
  • Non-compete Agreements (with compensation)

We would be happy to review and discuss your particular agreements before or after our initial consultations with you regarding your project. Please contact us with any question or concerns regarding confidentiality as we would be happy to review your requirements with you.

Let's Collaborate!

National Polymer is a recognized leader in the novel polymer research, development, and manufacturing. We welcome the opportunity discuss your projects or challenges via a free initial consultation, to see if we can enhance your current situation or help solve a problem. We look forward to reading from you!