Polymer Coatings

At National Polymer, our custom polymer coatings are designed and engineered to meet our client’s specific requirements. Our Polymer Coating technology platform has produced coatings with unique properties to fit a wide variety of applications. From the protection of highly sensitive equipment against acid/base corrosion, to efficacious coatings that provide health professionals and patients with protection against viral and bacterial contaminants, to anti-fouling protective coatings that mitigate the growth of barnacles on marine craft, we’ve done it.

We design and manufacture polymer coatings that cure through a variety of methods including:

  • thermal
  • light
  • moisture
  • oxygen
  • chemical means

We build our coatings using urethane, acrylic, epoxy, alkyd, silicone, and fluoropolymer based technologies and others including high performance systems based on silazanes and ceramers.

If the performance of commercially available coatings does not prove successful for your design or application, look to National Polymer for an custom engineered coating solution. We help our customers improve their competitive edge by creating unique formulations that out-perform commercial systems, at affordable costs. Learn more by connecting with one of our coating experts by filling out the nearby form, or calling (800) 670-0477 today!

polymer coated products drying
polymer coating being applied to a floor

Polymer Coatings

Polymer coatings are coatings or paints made with polymeric binders that provide superior adherence and protection from the environment and/or physical detriments. Engineered polymer coatings can provide protection against UV degradation, water damage, chemicals, condensation, heat, fire, electrical discharge, static build up, abrasion, and more. They can add features such as a color, a gloss finish, a satin  finish, a matte finish, a slick surface, a grip surface, a self-healing property, a hydrophobic surface, hydrophilic surface, and the list goes on. 

Let's Collaborate!

National Polymer is a recognized leader in the novel polymer research, development, and manufacturing. We welcome the opportunity discuss your projects or challenges via a free initial consultation, to see if we can enhance your current situation or help solve a problem. We look forward to reading from you!