National Polymer is a leader in the field of deformulation, particularly the deformulation of polymeric materials. For over 15 years, we have been providing polymer deformulation services, also known as "reverse engineering," to a wide array of industries across the globe. Our senior level team of PhD and Master-degreed chemists have performed deformulations coupled with reformulations on hundreds of products and have the skills and tools to successfully deformulate even the most difficult materials.

Deformulation Overview

At its core, deformulation, or reverse engineering, involves customized extractions and the use of specialized instrumental techniques to identify and quantify the structure of a material and the components of a compound. Polymer structure and morphology are important but so are the components of a formula. Components often include:

  • polymers
  • oligomers
  • initiators
  • catalysts
  • plasticizers
  • fillers
  • stabilizers
  • lubricants
  • antioxidants
  • flame retardants
  • a many more potential elements
As a formulatory laboratory, National Polymer has extensive experience in the selection of the appropriate techniques needed to deformulate (reverse engineer) any polymer, with an eye on the final product. Our experience translates to exceptional value for our customers.
Researcher working on deformulation of a polymer - National Polymer

Although it is not always practical to develop a “cookbook recipe” from a polymer deformulation, in most cases our analysis identifies both major and minor components. We deploy the expertise of our chemists to deformulate any polymer based product including adhesives, coatings, sealants and other polymeric systems.

From Deformulation to Reformulation

The next step in the reverse engineering process is equally important. This step is to provide product formulation and testing to ensure that the reformulated product meets or exceeds the performance characteristics of your competitors. Our unique value is in the way we utilize deformulation data in the support a reformulation effort. In fact, we excel in reformulation.

Completing the Deformulation Process with Manufacturing

Finally, National Polymer can also assist with the manufacturing of your product at any volumes you require. Our batch production services provide our client’s with manufactured products that are produced to spec and in the exact quantities required, and on time! This saves time and money be eliminating costly in-house setup, staffing, production, maintenance and more. We manufacture products to your exacting specifications and deliver them in a timely manner to keep production costs low and quality high.

The range of analytical capabilities available at National Polymer is extensive. Contact us today at 800-679-0477 for a no cost complimentary consultation about your deformulation, reformulation and/or manufacturing needs.

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Deformulation is a branch of analytical chemistry used to identify individual components of a compound, or the structural features of a molecule. For polymeric materials, it is a useful tool in determining the critical components or the compositional and structural features such as adhesives and sealants, paints and coatings, thermoplastic materials, oligomers and monomers.  Deformulation is often coupled with Reformulation to test the quality of the deformulation process via a working prototype.

Let's Collaborate!

National Polymer is a recognized leader in the novel polymer research, development, and manufacturing. We welcome the opportunity discuss your projects or challenges via a free initial consultation, to see if we can enhance your current situation or help solve a problem. We look forward to reading from you!