Coating Technologies

When it comes to coating technologies, National Polymer is at the forefront with a highly experienced team of senior Master Degreed and PhD level polymer chemists. Our teams years of experience and continued education, enable us to better serve our customers with precision custom coating technologies. Our team can rapidly adapt these skills and methods to evolving customer needs and to troubleshoot issues quickly for success. From rapid prototyping to accelerated production, our team will quickly and efficiently develop the processing solution you are looking for including:

  • Adhesive coating technology ·
  • Protective coatings and coated products
  • Conductive coatings
  • Nutraceutical products
  • Transdermal materials
  • Micro-scale functional coatings
  • Custom coated/laminated products

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Coating Technologies

Coating Technologies refers to the various engineered configurations of equipment used to apply wet solution or melt state material to a substrate (i.e., film, fabric foil, etc.). Coating Technologies at National Polymer include knife over roll, wire rod, transfer coating, reverse roll, gravure, hot melt and dip coating for roll-to-roll processes. National Polymer also has the capability of singular sheet or part Coating Technology in the form of spin coating and ultrasonic spraying. The Coating Technologies can be applied to solvent based, water based, hot melt and 100% solids materials and each method is adjusted for a particular product requirement based on our experience.

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