Specialty Adhesives

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Since 2005, National Polymer has been providing custom adhesive solutions for some of the world’s top producing manufacturers. These companies rely on our specialty adhesive expertise including:

  • our knowledge of polymer fundamentals
  • our ability effectively employ the use of advanced materials
  • our experience with state of the art synthesizing and compounding techniques
  • our acute attention on quality control.

Our innovative specialty adhesives have been successfully integrated into numerous industry applications utilizing a variety of unique implementations, including aerospace, automotive, electronics, medical, industrial and architectural.

Custom adhesives solutions cover an enormous number of applications and the amount of formulation strategies used to create them are countless. To simplify this complexity, the way in which specialty adhesives are referred to, typically fall within a few major categories:

  • epoxy adhesives
  • urethane adhesives
  • acrylic adhesives

These materials are often collectively referred to as "polymer adhesives". They are often further defined by the way they form bonds such as 2-part room temperature curable adhesives, thermal or heat curable adhesives, moisture curable adhesives, and UV curable adhesives.

National Polymer designs and manufactures specialty adhesives that cure through a variety of methods including:

  • thermal
  • light
  • moisture
  • oxygen
  • chemical

We create our custom adhesive solutions using a wide array of technologies including:

  • epoxy
  • acrylic
  • polyester
  • phenolic
  • silicone
  • thermoset
  • creamer
  • nanotechnology

National Polymer does not manufacture or inventory a "stock" of adhesive products. All of our work is customized to the specific requirements and goals of our customers.  This enables us to develop a unique product without limitations based on a given type of chemistry or process. We understand the capabilities of various chemistries and we utilize the best system possible to achieve the end result that meets and often exceeds the required specifications.

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Specialty Adhesive Technology Platforms

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Specialty Adhesives

Specialty Adhesives are adhesives that are formulated for a particular purpose (as opposed to those created for general or generic application). To achieve maximum strength, they are normally crosslink-able or curable. Other critical properties include water, solvent, and temperature resistance.

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