Process Capability

From our founding, we have worked closely with our customers to drive improvement, create certainty and inspire innovation. Our focus on process capability ensures that we can consistently produce a product to meet your specifications each and every time.

Utilizing proven systems and processes, we enable strategic optimization and production scale that creates consistency and certainty to maximize the results for each of our customers. Our team has the expertise in process and operations improvement as well as strategy development and deployment, product development, and manufacturing technology.

The process capability stage is used to:

· Optimize process conditions often with DOE

· Document all production procedures

· Set the customer’s specific specifications to meet all of their needs

· Develop and implement all quality assurance tests and techniques

· Develop production efficiencies to drive value pricing

· Set pre or post processing requirements

· Produce scale-up product for customer trials or field trials

· Complete multiple runs to prove process capability for future full scale production

· Establish supply chain efficiencies for future production material flow

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