Engineered Coatings

When it comes to Engineered Polymer Coatings, National Polymer has you covered!

At National Polymer, we’re experts in coating development, from conception to production. Since 2005, we have been providing engineered coatings for some of the world’s top producing manufacturers based on:

  • our keen knowledge of polymer fundamentals
  • the use of advanced materials
  • our experience with state of the art synthesizing and compounding  techniques used in our production facility
  • acute attention on quality control

microscopic view of engineered coatingOur coating innovations have been integrated into a numerous industries with a variety of unique applications, from aerospace to automotive, electronics to medical device, and industrial to architectural. Simply put we’ve got you covered!

Some examples of polymer coatings include:

Engineered coating materials and curing

National Polymer can design and manufacture coatings that cure through a variety of methods including: thermal, light, moisture, oxygen, and chemical means. We build our polymer coatings using urethane, acrylic, epoxy, alkyd, silicone, and fluoropolymer based technologies and others including high performance systems including silazanes and ceramers.

If the performance of commercially available coatings does not prove successful for your application, look to National Polymer to help you design and engineer a custom coating solution. We help our customers improve their competitive edge by creating unique formulations that out-perform their competitors in a cost effective manner.

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Coatings Technology Platforms

National Polymer has some specialized technology platforms related to engineered coatings. To get more information, click the buttons below.
Polymer Coatings
Hydrophobic Coatings
Water beading on a shiny red engineered coating

Engineered Coatings

Engineered Coatings are coatings designed for a particular purpose, with specific properties engineered into them. They are often classified by a predominant property that they possess, by a critical element of their composition, or by the unique application for which they were designed.

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National Polymer is a recognized leader in the novel polymer research, development, and manufacturing. We welcome the opportunity discuss your projects or challenges via a free initial consultation, to see if we can enhance your current situation or help solve a problem. We look forward to reading from you!