The Advantages of Product Deformulation

Product Deformulation is a process that is used to reverse engineer chemical based materials. These materials are often Polymeric in nature. The process includes extractions, separations, and analytical investigations using specialized instruments and methods. When finished, information concerning the “recipe” of components and the structure of materials is obtained. Typical information includes the identification of polymeric, oligomeric, and monomeric components; the morphology and structure of the polymer; and the identification of additives such as initiators, plasticizers, stabilizers, antioxidants, oligomers, catalysts, fillers, lubricants, flame retardants.

Now that we know what product deformulation is, let’s take a look at some advantages of product deformulation:

Advantages of Product Deformulation

There are many benefits of opting for product deformulation services. Examples include:

The study a competitor’s product for purposes of patent infringement whereby the competitor may be using your composition of matter. Another purpose is to identify the source of a product failure in the case of litigation.

You may also want to examine the details of your own product so that the work doesn’t come to halt when a key employee who was aware of all product details leaves or dies. Just because the employee failed to keep updated, comprehensive records doesn’t mean your manufacturing should stop. Product deformulation comes to the rescue in such cases.

Deformulation also helps you explore the intricacies of your manufacturing process to better understand how it works in the overall product and process development. The process also proves beneficial to decrease the risk of process downtime. If the FMEA (failure modes and effects analysis), highlights certain rejects in a high risk activity, the deformulation process may help you eliminate those rejects.

Product deformulation is also beneficial when you believe that a competitor’s product exhibits a performance benefit over your product. This is sometimes referred to as Competitive Analysis. You might want to know what manufacturing processes or materials they’re using for development and yield improvement. This should not only help you improve your products but also reduce the development time and costs. At National Polymer, we excel in this area. Our Reformulation Services, coupled to Deformulation, has enabled us to help numerous clients create superior products and gain market share.

How Does the Deformulation Process Works?

The deformulation process comprises two major stages. In the first stage, you obtain detailed and valuable information about the composition and morphology of a product, but it’s not comprehensive and fully quantifiable. The second stage provides you with the comprehensive and quantifiable understanding of the product

Knowing how much effort is required to achieve the goals for Deformulation is critical. Choosing a firm that understands how to balance the effort to the goals is critical. For example, when you have learned to judge whether patent infringement has taken place or know a good starting point for a product’s reverse engineering, the deformulation process should end.

There are many advantages of seeking product deformulation services. If you want to reap all the benefits, get in touch with National Polymer.
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