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Polymer Deformulation for Discontinued Products

Polymer deformulation is used to identify the chemical composition and properties of specific polymer products. This chemical process is particularly useful for customers who have had a product component discontinued by their supplier. These discontinued products can be analyzed to determine their structure so the customer can continue to create the products they sell. Let’s explore the process of polymer deformulation for discontinued products. 

Why is Polymer Deformulation for Discontinued Products Beneficial? 

Many times, a customer’s supplier will discontinue a critical part component. This can happen for many reasons, from not making enough money on it to a decrease in quality. However, when this happens, it is difficult for the customer to easily find a solution or a replacement. 

The process of polymer deformulation for discontinued products allows customers to understand the composition of the necessary product components and work with a manufacturer to create a solution that functions the same as the discontinued product. 

What is the Process of Polymer Deformulation for Discontinued Products? 

The process begins when a supplier discontinues a critical component and a customer realizes that they need a replacement. Many times they need the component to function exactly as the previous one did, meaning they need it to be chemically identical s. 

After the product is discontinued, the customer will contact a polymer deformulation company, such as National Polymer, to find the formulation of the product and learn how to manufacture it from there. 

At National Polymer, we partner with universities and private labs to perform analytical testing of your discontinued product. So, we send your discontinued product to the lab and they use various testing methods to yield the qualitative analysis — what is in the product — and the quantitative analysis — the amount of each material in the product. Some of these tests include Fourier Transform Infrared Spectroscopy (FTIR), Gas Chromatography with Mass Spectral Detection (GC/MS), Differential Scanning Calorimetry (DSC), Nuclear Magnetic Resonance (NMR), and more. 

Once the tests are complete, the lab sends their results back to National Polymer. We then analyze this data and compile information about the composition of each material and the formulation of the product. Our team will then determine how to best manufacture the product part and provide you with the amount of material you need

What Are the Advantages of Working with National Polymer for Discontinued Product Polymer Deformulation?

At National Polymer, we are the experts in polymer technology. We have connections to the right lab network and processes that general analytical labs do not, allowing us to better serve your needs. Our team also knows the behind-the-scenes story of polymer production, giving us the ability to find the best, most efficient way to manufacture your polymer components. 

Additionally, with our staff of polymer experts, we can easily interpret the results of your deformulation to give customers specific solutions that meet their needs. Our goal is to create a product that is the same as your discontinued product so it continues to meet your exact specifications. And, through our batch production services, we will manufacture the solution you need in any volume. 

National Polymer is Your Polymer Deformulation Partner

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