Formulation Services at National Polymer

Formulation Services: What to Know

Achieve successful product outcomes utilizing formulation services, formulation development, and formulation chemistry

Formulation services, sometimes referred to as formulation chemistry or formulation development, is a segment of chemistry that addresses the formation of a compound. Compounded materials are pervasive in the products we use everyday and include pharmaceuticals, paints, inks, composites, plastics, concrete, and more. Even the oatmeal you had for breakfast is a compounded material!

Formulation chemistry is often coupled with analytical chemistry in order to determine the components in and to understand the properties of compounded formulations. The information found through this process helps chemists produce materials with superior performance.

This recent article from News Medical Life Sciences gives a comprehensive review of the key steps needed in any formulation development:

  • Materials Characterization
  • Formulation Chemistry
  • Product (physical property) Testing
  • Batch Safety
  • Batch Consistency (Quality)
  • Efficacy (Function)

In the medical field, formulation development typically refers to the pharmaceutical industry. However, the principles given can apply to all types of formulation development efforts.

At National Polymer, one of the key services we provide is through formulation chemistry. By using processes like the one described above, we maximize successful outcomes by producing working prototypes and samples that match or exceed the performance so that our clients achieve their manufacturing-related goals.

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