The Keys to Consider When Choosing a Contract Coating Company

When the need for custom coating services arises, manufacturers must decide between handling the coating job in-house and hiring an outside contract coating company. Because they can help with researching and developing new products and they have high-capacity, better-quality coating capabilities, contract coating companies are often the more enticing option. This post is intended to provide you with the top four things to consider when choosing a company to hire.

Find the Right Company for the Job

Advanced coating companies vary in their technical capabilities and areas of expertise. It’s important that you narrow your search to companies that have had experience with the products, processes, and coating applications used in your particular industry. Also, pay close attention to which coating companies can help you in each step of the process, including designing products, selecting materials, performing testing and analytics, and engineering equipment.

Confirm Their Development and Manufacturing Capabilities

Be sure to choose an advanced coating company with full development and manufacturing capabilities, especially if your product is not yet fully developed or is still in the planning stages. They will need to be able to help with lab testing, pilot coating, and product research, development, and testing. It’s also critical that the company has all the needed resources, including equipment, space, bandwidth, and employee numbers.

Check for Quality Assurance and Compliance

It’s wise to work with an advanced coating company only if they meet high standards of quality assurance and compliance. Make sure early in the hiring process that they have procedures in place that ensure quality, consistency, and assurance. Verify also that they are fully compliant with all safety and environmental regulations.

Hire a Company That’s Accessible and Confidential

To make sure that the whole development process runs smoothly and efficiently. Since you will be trusting the company with confidential information about your business and products, look to hire one that has a good reputation in the industry. Referrals can make this vetting process easier and safer.

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