The Advantages of Batch Production

This post is intended to provide an overview of the advantages of the batch production manufacturing method vs. continuous process. The batch production process has grown over the years and this post should help you understand why.

Batch production is a method of manufacturing where the products are made as specified groups or amounts, within a specific time frame. A batch can go through a series of steps in the manufacturing process to make the final desired product. Batch production is used for many types of manufacturing that may need smaller amounts of production at a time to ensure specific quality standards or changes in the process. This is opposed to large mass production or continuous production methods where the product or process does not need to be checked or changed as frequently or periodically. This smaller batch by batch manufacturing strategy can then lead to larger scale production as demand requires.

The batch production method is also used so any temporary changes or modifications can be easily made to the product if necessary during the manufacturing process. For example, if a product needed a sudden change in material or details changed, it can be done in between batches, quickly and at a lower cost. As opposed to mass production where such changes cannot be easily made. The time between batches is called cycle time and each batch should be assigned a lot number for ease of tracking.


Because batch production involves small batches, it is good for custom products. For example, if there is a mistake in the process, it can be fixed without as much loss compared to mass production. This can also save money by taking less risk for newer products. As a result, this allows batch manufacturing to be changed or modified depending on company needs.


There can be downtime between individual batches. Or if the product is constantly changing or being modified throughout the process, this also can cost downtime. Other disadvantages are that smaller batches need more planning, scheduling and control over the process and collecting data.


Batch processing is a sequence of one or more steps usually carried out in more than one vessel and in a defined order, yielding a finished product where the amounts are usually smaller than for continuous processing. This method requires reduced inventories and provides shorter response times. In addition, batch times can be adjusted to meet quality specifications.

At National Polymer, our batch production services provide our client’s with custom products that are produced to spec and in the exact quantities required, and in a specified time frame. A batch can go through a series of steps during the manufacturing process to make the final product. Our high quality batch production processes are used for the manufacturing of many types of products and components to ensure that specific quality standards are maintained.

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