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Polymer Product Development: The National Polymer Approach

There are many companies that operate in the broad field of polymeric materials, some specializing in manufacturing, others in product testing or product development, while still others may conduct “pure” research. There are also many companies that operate across a range of these activities, optimizing their equipment and human resource allocations as their needs dictate. While every company’s strategy is shaped by their immediate needs and opportunities, it may also be limited by their equipment, personnel, or technical expertise.

National Polymer is a Product Development/Custom Manufacturing company focused on the design and production of custom adhesives, coatings, and roll-to-roll coated products. For over two decades, our team of experts have used their experience to transform ideas into commercial goods, helping our clients successfully capture market share through all phases of product development:

  • Concept
  • Design
  • Scale-up
  • Production

With over a hundred years combined market experience in polymer coating, synthesis, testing, compounding, and manufacturing, National Polymer helps clients achieve superior results while expending minimal internal resources. Our team of experts utilizes their knowledge and skills to improve the speed to market and control costs for our clients. By eliminating the need to assemble a team of their own, our clients can attain required results in a substantially condensed time frame.

Here is an overview of the National Polymer model of product development:

Concept: We help our clients develop products or production ideas by using our collective experience to create novel formulation and process concepts, and by employing leading-edge technologies and components. Our team of uniquely qualified chemists and engineers will help devise a plan to make your ideas come to life. In addition to our expert knowledge of novel polymers, other resources employed during the Concept Stage might include brainstorming, patent research, market research and feasibility analysis.

Design: After the concept is complete, the National Polymer team goes to work to create the commercial product. This often includes unique formulations, processes, and prototypes. We commonly utilize formulation strategies that allow us to construct or reformulate a product, and we often design specialized equipment to carry out any new processes that may be required. Next, we test the design thoroughly for functionality, and ultimately produce a working sample or prototype for review and approval.

Scale-Up: Once a final version of the product has been achieved, National Polymer helps develop the manufacturing process to bring it from lab or pilot quantities into production. We understand the critical elements of the production process and are familiar with the wide array of equipment options available to accomplish successful output at whatever scale is required.

Production: Having successfully completed the prior steps through scale-up, National Polymer can produce the end product in house, or have it produced at another suitable location. By producing and delivering these custom products to their proper specifications and quality standards, we make the processes of going from Concept to Production easy and efficient, often saving our customer the cost of purchasing specialized machinery and hiring and training staff, saving time and money. Production at National Polymer is performed according to our ISO 9001:2015 certified quality system.

It is important to note that not all clients utilize all four phases of what we offer. Sometimes all that is required is formulation or process development. Other times, clients enter directly into toll or contract manufacturing arrangements. Whatever the case, the expert team at National Polymer can help with all types and sizes of novel polymer products and related services to help achieve your end goals efficiently and effectively.

To find out more about National Polymer’s approach to novel polymer product development, contact us at (800) 679-0477 or email us at