What is Contract Manufacturing and How Does it Relate to Batch Production?

In the ever-growing world of entrepreneurship through online marketplaces like Amazon, any aspiring businessperson can use contract manufacturing to create a product and start selling immediately. Contract manufacturing is known as an arrangement between a company hiring another manufacturing company to produce the entirety of their desired final product. 

The company seeking the final product can choose a contract manufacturer based on their specific needs. Contract manufacturing can include anything from production to specialized packaging, so the chosen manufacturing company should have expertise in the product you are looking to produce. 

Contract manufacturing is cost-effective and timesaving in that it provides the entire final product without unnecessary employee salaries, time spent on hiring processes, vendor selection, or production. No factory is needed as the manufacturing company already has one waiting for you! This allows the hiring company to focus their efforts towards sales and marketing.

Contract Manufacturing vs. Toll Manufacturing

Although contract manufacturing and toll manufacturing are both ways to outsource production, they have some key differences to note before choosing your best solution. In contract manufacturing, the hired manufacturers are responsible for the entire production process. Any entrepreneur can see their design come to life completely hands-free when hiring contract manufacturers.

Toll manufacturing is a similar process but requires the hiring company to provide raw materials to the manufacturing company. This means more control over the initial raw materials that can be provided to the manufacturers of your product.

Using National Polymer for Batch Production

Batch production is a method used in manufacturing to produce similar products in groups, or batches, stage by stage. The major advantage to manufacturing in smaller batches is for versatility combined with quality control. In batch production, if there is a mistake in the process, it can be fixed without much loss. 

As a contract manufacturer, National Polymer’s high-quality batch production services ensure that specific quality standards are maintained, while creating the exact quantities required within the requested time frame. This, coupled with a team of experts in the field of polymeric based materials, ensures that National Polymer will provide a superior work product to her clients. Learn more about the benefits of choosing batch production with National Polymer by visiting our Batch Production page. 

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