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At National Polymer, we’re experts in Specialty Adhesive Development, from conception to production.

Since 2005, National Polymer has been providing engineered coatings for some of the world’s top producing manufacturers due to our knowledge of polymer fundamentals, the use of advanced materials, and our experience with state of the art synthesizing and compounding  techniques used in our production facility with acute attention on quality control. Our innovative engineered coatings have been integrated into a numerous industries with a variety of unique applications, from Aerospace to Automotive, Electronics to Medical Device, and Industrial to Architectural; stick with us!

National Polymer produces adhesives customized for your application needs. If the performance of commercially available adhesives has not proved successful, try national polymer! We design adhesives from the core, using the principles of polymer science to engineer your customized solution.

We develop adhesives that cure through a variety of methods including:

•  Thermal Cured
•  Light Cured
•  Room Temperature Cured
•  Moisture Cured
•  Hot Melts
•  Warm Melts

We build our adhesives using the following systems:

•  epoxy
•  acrylic
•  urethane
•  polyester
•  polyamide
•  polyimide
•  silicone
•  and more

Many of our products are non-conventional hybrids based on:

•  high performance thermosets
•  ceramers
•  nanocomposite adhesives
•  and more.

Our Polymer Adhesive technology platform has produced unique properties for both Industrial and Architectural Applications, including breathable building wraps, self-healing pipe wraps, oxidation /plasma resistant sealants that can withstand extreme oxidation conditions for sterilization of medical device equipment.

Our UV curable Adhesive technology platform has created unique B-stage-able adhesive solutions for Industrial and Consumable Products applications.

We produce adhesives with all types of properties. Our adhesives can be designed for structural bonding where high strength is required; for removable and repositionable applications where low tack is required; for electrically and thermally conductive applications; for situations where breath-ability in the form of air or moisture transmittance is needed; for cases where moisture absorbtion is required; with anti-microbial and hemocompatible properties; for food contact, and even edible situations. We have designed adhesives for aerospace, automotive, architectural, electronics, medical, and consumer products applications.


Did we miss your particular requirement? Let us know what it is. We can help you!


All of our work is customized to your needs. We do not carry stock products. This enables us to develop a unique product without limitations based on a given type of chemistry or process. We understand the capabilities of various chemistries and we utilize the best systems possible to achieve the right product for you.





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