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Nanocomposites - specially designed for your system

national polymer produces nanocomposites customized for your application. Some of the properties that can be enhanced through nanocomposite technology include:


Static Resistance

Fracture Resistance 

Thermal Conductivity

Abrasion Resistance 

Fire Resistance

Impact Resistance 

Scratch Resistance   

Electromagnetic Shielding



In order to realize the benefits of nanotechnology, your material must be in the nano-form. Nanoparticles  are difficult to keep in the nano-form. Attractive forces between matter tends to make extremely small particles come together (agglomerate). In order to achieve the “promised properties” of nanomaterials, they must remain in the nano-state.


national polymer  has the means to insure that your custom nano dispersion product is truly a nanocomposite. Through a strategic alliance with a major analytical company, national polymer can validate that the nanoscale has been achieved using high powered microscopic methods including TEM, FESEM, and AFM.


nanocomposites epoxy

clay nanocomposites


nano coatings

carbon fiber

nanocomposite polymers

expanded graphite nanocomposites

nano polymers




We work with clients through the following programs, depending on your needs:


1.) Contract Product Development: You own the Intellectual Property.

2.) Custom Manufacturing Agreements: We charge a minimum fee to cover the custom development work, which is rebated back based upon purchase volumes.

3.) Specialty Products:  We provide samples for your evaluation. There are no minimum purchase requirements.

And if you haven’t exhausted the commercial product possibilities:

4.) Product Sourcing: For our customers who haven't exhausted commercially available products, we will source commercially available products for evaluations.


Contact national polymer laboratories for more information:


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